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Sales/Installation/Configuration and Support of Computers, Phone Systems and Digital Surveillance Systems

Inacomp’s certified technicians will perform the installation and configuration of all your technology products. They have the expertise to handle both hardware, software and network components. We specialize in selling and installing and configuring Altigen and Fortinet phone systems, HP data servers, workstation and printers. Whether you are a small single location office or a large multi-location enterprise, Inacomp has the capability to handle your technology installation and configuration needs.

Maintenance Programs

Inacomp has a proactive approach to technology products. We strongly recommend that business have a maintenance program in place for their voice and data communications; as well as their hardware components of their network. We customize a maintenance program for each of our clients that reflect the technological environment that they have. The programs that we have range from proactive data network maintenance to phone system maintenance to holistic system support. Many times issues that arise could be diverted if the equipment, software or network were maintained on a regular basis.

Hardware Support

With 25 years of relationships with name brand Computer Hardware Manufacturers, Inacomp has the knowledge to diagnosis and repair most of your technology products. Our technicians can diagnosis and repair Altigen, Fortinet, HP, IBM, and many other hardware products and platforms.

Software Troubleshooting

Inacomp has technicians that can evaluate, diagnosis and resolve workstation, server and phone system issues. With 25 years of experience in the Microsoft Computing arena, our technicians have the knowledge to fix the day to day issues (or the once in a lifetime disasters) that may occur on your data, phone or surveillance networks.

Remote Monitoring & Support

Inacomp provides both on-site AND remote support for your IT systems. Our certified technicians can monitor the software and hardware on your network remotely and perform changes if need be. Whether you are down the street or in another country, Inacomp has the capability to support your network remotely.